San Cebrián de Mudá

Church of San Cornelio and San Cipriano in San Cebrián de Mudá


Camino de la iglesia de San Cornelio y San Cipriano, s/n.
34839  San Cebrián de Mudá, Palencia  (Castile-Leon)
电话:+34 979605823




Church in an old Benedictine monastery, which stands out because of its altarpieces and the unusual presence of late Gothic mural paintings.

The nave with the pointed barrel vault, the doorway with three archivolts, also slightly pointed (notable sculptural motifs) and the large triangular belfry on the western wall all remain from the original transitional Romanesque building (12th-13th centuries). Later on, a Gothic chapel with a cross vault was added (14th century), the apse was replaced with a polygonal one (15th century), and the vestry (16th century) and the Neoclassical portico (18th century) were built. It is built almost entirely in reddish sandstone. Inside there are five altarpieces, three of them Renaissance (c. 1560) and two Rococo (late 18th century), as well as popular late Gothic mural paintings (late 15th century). They were discovered in 1969 and restored recently, and are thought to be the work of the so-called Master of San Felices.

  •  建筑: Church
  • 艺术时期: Romanesque



  • 从 15 七月 到 15 九月
  • 从 11:00 到 14:00 从 17:00 到 20:00


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