Granada Cathedral


Gran Vía de Colón 5
18001  Granada  (Andalusia)
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Renaissance church

Diego de Siloé found the perfect way of combining a Renaissance dome with a Gothic floor plan. He joined the circular and basilica ground plans, which earned him the recognition of his fellow architects at that time.

The main chapel encapsulates the greatness of this building. The dome of the main chapel is decorated with beautiful stained glass, sculptures and paintings by Alonso Cano. It has three very beautiful doors: Ecce Homo, San Jerónimo and El Perdón, the latter with excellent bas-reliefs of Faith and Justice. The main façade is Baroque, and the choir stalls are Plateresque. The side chapels contain excellent altarpieces and paintings. There is an exhibition of the cathedral treasure is on display in the old chapter house, and there are also items on display in the sacristy and the Cathedral Museum. The Inmaculada by Alonso Cano is especially noteworthy.

  •  建筑: Cathedral
  • 艺术时期: Renaissance
  • 历史时期: 18th century, 16th century
  • 周边环境: Royal Chapel, Monastery of San Jerónimo, Monastery of Santa Paula.



  • 从 01 三月 到 31 八月
  • 从 周一 到 周六 从 10:45 到 13:30 从 16:00 到 20:00
  • 节假日 和 周日 从 16:00 到 19:00
  • 从 30 九月 到 28 二月
  • 从 周一 到 周六 从 10:45 到 13:30 从 16:00 到 19:00
  • 节假日 和 周日 从 16:00 到 19:00


  • 普通票: 4€


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