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  • Madrid Jazz Festival. Madrid.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-11-05 till 2015-11-27

    …Madrid. Fax.: +34 914800303 | E-mail: info@festivaldejazzmadrid.com. http://www.festivaldejazzmadrid.com/. The Madrid Jazz Festival is based at the La Villa Cultural Centre, and also includes concerts at a range of venue…

  • Gijón International Film Festival. Gijón.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-11-20 till 2015-11-28

    …Gijón. Asturias. http://www.gijonfilmfestival.com/. The Gijón International Film Festival is held in different cinemas and cultural centres in this town in Asturias. The Jovellanos Theatre is the event’s main stage. The …

  • Unreleased Film Festival. Mérida.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-11-19 till 2015-11-28

    …Mérida. Badajoz. (Extremadura) http://turismoextremadura.com/viajar/turismo/es/explora/Festival-de-cine-inedito/. This festival takes place every year in Mérida , Extremadura, with an official programme featuring films w…

  • Barcelona International Jazz Festival. Barcelona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-09-26 till 2015-11-28

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) http://www.theproject.es. The Barcelona International Jazz Festival is held in November, and is one of the Catalonian capital’s best-established musical events. Concerts are held on various stages …

  • Las Minas. Puerto flamenco tour. Las Minas Festival in Sagunto. Sagunto.



    …Calle Cronista Chabret, 6. 18009. Sagunto. Valencia. Auditorio Joaquín Rodrigo. www.manueldefalla.org.…

  • Tolosa International Puppet Festival. Titirijai. Tolosa.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-11-21 till 2015-11-29

    …Tolosa. Guipúzcoa - Gipuzkoa. (Basque Country) E-mail: titirijai@cittolosa.com. http://www.cittolosa.com. Titirijai, the Tolosa International Puppet Festival, has been held in this Basque town since 1983. An event that a…

  • Zoom Igualada. European TV Film and Film Festival. Igualada.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-11-25 till 2015-11-29

    …Igualada. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 938039428 | http://www.zoomigualada.org. The Zoom Igualada, European TV Film and Film Festival, formerly known as the Igualada European TV Film and Film Festival, has been held …

  • Spanish Football League: Sevilla FC v Valencia CF. Seville.

    Calendar | Sports


    …Sevilla. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 954536061 | E-mail: sevillafc@sevillafc.es. www.sevillafc.es. Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium in Seville is hosting the match between the two teams that aspire to face up to FC Barcelona and …

  • Ouka Leele. Previously unseen. Avilés.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-07-01 till 2015-11-29

    …Palacio Peredo Barreda de Caja Cantabria. Calle Santo Domingo, 8. 39330. Avilés. Asturias. E-mail: info@niemeyercenter.org. http://www.niemeyercenter.org. This travelling exhibition, organised by the Ministry of Educatio…

  • Vitoria International Theatre Festival. Vitoria.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Från 2015-10-03 till 2015-11-29

    …Vitoria-Gasteiz. Álava - Araba. (Basque Country) Tel.: +34 945161274 | +34 945161045 | E-mail: infoteatros@vitoria-gasteiz.org. www.vitoria-gasteiz.org/teatros. The International Theatre Festival is held annually in Vito…