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Have fun in Aranjuez with your family. An option that will everybody will love is the Chiquitrén: an entertaining ride inspired by the old steam engines. Its route takes it round the large Prince’s Garden, where you can see pheasants, squirrels and peacocks spreading their coloured tails. You can also take a trip in a glassed-in tourist boat along the Tagus river, or go for a paddle on the river in any of the kayaks available for rent.

And apart from sport, you can have fun at the Street Theatre Festival which takes place in spring, or discover that free and easy feeling with a flight in a hot-air balloon, and gaze down on the town from the air.

And don’t forget that if you are coming to Aranjuez from Madrid (weekends from May to October) you can ride in the curious Strawberry Train with its wooden carriages, and where you will be served delicious strawberries by serving girls dressed in period costume .

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