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Camilo José Cela 6-8
29640   Fuengirola, Malaga  (Andalusia)
Tfn::+34 952 666 301
Fax::+34 952 586 892


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This is a zoo in which the animals live side-by-side in a recreation of their natural habitat in order to promote their development. It has three different areas: Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and South-east Asia.

A tour around the facilities of Bioparc Fuengirola will allow you to enjoy the experience of zoo immersion (submerging yourself completely in the animal's own environment), where vegetation and water elements are constant features of the landscape.

You'll have the chance to see numerous species of birds, mammals and reptiles such as the Nile crocodile, gorillas, servals… In the Madagascar area there is also a replica of a baobab (one of the largest artificial trees in the world).

It offers exhibitions (in order to learn more at first-hand about the lifestyle of mammals such as armadillos, coatis, raccoons and otters, as well as birds such as the hornbill, the black vulture and kookaburras from Australia), and it also has a shop, children's area and restaurant area.

Öppettider och priser


The park opens every day of the year from 10 am. For information on opening times check the biopark website.


Ordinarie: 19,50€
Barn: 13,50€
Pensionärer: 14,50€
Personer med funktionshinder: 11,50€
Grupper: 15,50€
Fritt inträde Children under 3 years


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