Garriga, La

Termes La Garriga Spa Resort


Calle dels Banys, 23
08530  Garriga, La, Barcelona  (Catalonia)
Tfn::+34 938717086
Fax::+34 938717887




In this hot spring resort, located a mere 20 minutes away from Barcelona, the visitor can enjoy thermal therapies and state-of-the-arts wellness equipment.



  • Behandlingar: Anti-stress treatment, Beauty treatments, Bienestar, Circulatory system problems, Locomotor system, Respiratory disorders, Rheumatic complaints, Skin complaints, Trauma
  • Andra behandlingar: Neurological troubles, Weight loss, Obesity, cellulitis
  • Metoder: Aerosol, Bubble bath, Circular shower, Diet, Fangotherapy, Gym, Inhalations, Paraffin, Pressure jet, Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation, Sauna, Scottish shower, Showers
  • Andra metoder: Underwater massage Baths-massage with bubbles Bubble baths, thermolipolisis Jets-showers Scotch hose Circular shower Hydromassage-underwater massage Hydrotherapy Ielectromassage Kemo 2001 Infrarred Cold bandages Fango therapy Therapeutic massage Thermal swimming-pool Natural gas aerosol Acupuncture Solarium Clay Electrotherapy Cinesitherapy Mesotherapy Dietetics Laser therapy Lymphatic drainage Positive pressotherapy Beauty medicine Pressure showers Beauty centre
  • Vattnets egenskaper: Bicarbonated waters, Chloride-containing, Fluoride, Sodium-rich
  • Andra egenskaper: Silicate-containing Hyperthermal


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