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Rioja, La


The trout is a blue fish of the salmonid family that lives in fresh water in the Iberian Peninsula.

La Rioja produces a considerable number of trout, which usually belong to the common variety. There are different varieties, like the seatrout, the lake trout and the common or river trout, whose colouring varies a great deal depending on the age of the specimen. However, the most prized are the salmon trout. The best trout do not come from viveria, but instead are the wild ones that grow up in mountain water. They are normally eaten roast, steamed, grilled and griddled.

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Information om produkten

  • Typ av produkt: Fish
  • Säsong: All year round.
  • Ursprung: Trout is fished in fresh water throughout the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the northern parts.
  • Rekommenderad dryck: White wines and, if it is prepared in the Navarrese style, rosés.
  • Recept: Navarra style trout

Information om näringsvärdet

  • Energy: Average
  • Cholesterol: Low
  • Anmärkningar: Rich in proteins.

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