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Från vilket område i Spanien är det typiskt?

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Beef from Galicia is the most characteristic expression of regional livestock production and is yet another example of the gastronomical wealth of Galicia.

Beef from Galicia comes exclusively from cattle of the Rubia Gallega, Northwest Brown breeds, crosses between them and crosses of the first generation of males from these breeds with females from the Frisian and Alpine Brown breeds. The Rubia Gallega breed, native to the north-west part of the peninsula, is especially outstanding. They are animals with robust, strong frames, then skin, short blond or cinnamon coloured hair, which are raised primarily for their meat. Production includes the slaughter and butchering operations. The colour of the meat varies from light pink to light red. It stands out for its intense, pleasant taste and for being extraordinarily tender, juicy and succulent. It also possesses unbeatable sensorial characteristics since it comes from very young animals, fed a traditional high-quality diet and raised on family farms by the families themselves.

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The breeds mentioned are raised in most of the agricultural regions of the provinces of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

Rekommenderad dryck:
In its different presentations it is delicious with crianza and non-crianza Red Wines from the region.

Var kan den köpas:
Beef from Galicia is available essentially in most speciality shops, supermarkets and butcher's shops in Galicia. It is also available in larger stores throughout Spain.

'Cocido' (meat, potato and chickpea stew) Galician style.

Considering the age and the feed given to the animals before they are slaughtered, the following types exist:

Ternera (Calf):
Animal with a maximum age of 10 months. Light pink tone, pearly white fat, fine grained muscle, of firm consistency and slightly moist.

Añojo (Mature calf):
Animal between 10 and 18 months old. With identical characteristics as above, except that the colour is much more intense; between pink and light red.

Cebón (Fattened cattle):
Animal intended for slaughter at the age of between 18 and 30 months. Light red in colour, creamy coloured fat, muscles with a firm consistency and with some, but not excessive, fat infiltrations

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