Coruña, A


A very attractive, quite crowded beach that has views of the port of Corme and the sea inlet. At one end there is a pine forest and at the other there are family chalets. At both ends of the beach there are solid rocks that protect the beach. The beach goes inland as it gets wider and wider, following the river that flows out here.

Typ av strand

  • Strandpromenad:
  • Strandtyp: Rock,Sand
  • Typ av sand: dorada
  • Förhållanden: Moderate waves
  • Ankringsplats:
  • Växtlighet:
  • Skyddat område:


  • Longitud: 100 (m)
  • Bredd: 20 (m)
  • Beläggningsgrad: High
  • Närhet till stad: Urban


  • Sopkorgar
  • Rengöring

Infarter och säkerhet


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