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One of the most characteristic towns in the mountains of Cadiz. Set atop a spur, the whiteness of its houses reflects the splendour of the sun of Andalusia.

Lying between the Sierra de Líjar and the Sierra de las Harinas mountains, Olvera is an excellent entry point from the north to the mountains of Cadiz. It is set among woody hills and olive fields.
Two buildings stand from a distance out by their height and size: One is the old Arab castle, dating from the same period as stretches of Olvera's walls and buttresses, and reformed in the Christian period; the other is the splendid neoclassical Encarnación Church. Both make up the classic view of Olvera.
Other sites of undoubted interest are the convent of Caños Santos, the sanctuary of Los Remedios and the Casa de la Cilla building, the current site of the “La Frontera y los Castillos" Museum of Olvera.

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