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Balearic Islands



Located only 141 metres above sea-level, this town is the highest one in Minorca.Located in the middle of the island of Minorca, Ferreries has an interesting historic patrimony, and numerous coves and beaches within its municipality. The church of Sant Bartomeu (19th century) and the ruins of the Arab castle of Sent Agayz, on top of Mount Santa Águeda, are sites that every traveller should visit. Next to the latter we will also find the remains of an ancient Roman road. Galdana Cove, Calderer Cove and Mitjana Cove are a few of the beaches found in this area, with tranquil waters and golden sands, and pinewoods that almost reach the sea. In Ferreries, every visitor will be pleased by the endless recreational possibilities in its waterside, from beautiful beaches, equipped with all necessary services (Red Cross post, police, beach chairs, sun shades, and so on), to small, remote, virgin coves.

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