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Autonom region:
Castile-La Mancha



An important town in Toledo's stretch of La Mancha region which is Roman in origin. Situated at the foot of the Cerro Calderico hill, it is the site of an impressive castle equipped with an exceptional keep and some traditional La Mancha windmills. Consuegra also holds other treasures, such as the City Hall, the Corredores, site of the Municipal Museum, the Tower of Tercia or the churches of San Juan and Santísimo Cristo de Veracruz, which has a museum of votive offerings. The fortress belongs to the early years of the Reconquest. During the reign of Alfonso VIII, it was loaned to a brotherhood which founded the Grand Priory of La Mancha, and it has a double row of walls and several large towers. The City Hall building in Consuegra is in the Renaissance style and stands in Plaza de España, where you can also see some houses with wooden galleries.

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