Plaza de San Pedro 2
42300  Burgo de Osma, El, Burgo de Osma-Ciudad de Osma, Soria  (Castile-Leon)
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A stunning artistic treasure

Here you can see works by important artists and numerous examples of religious art.

The museum brings together collections of paintings from the 12th-18th centuries, such as the San Ildefonso Altarpiece, or the canvasses of the great Maella. The Main Altarpiece is by Juan de Juni. Also outstanding are sculptures by great artists such as Berruguete, Sebastián Fernández and Andrés de Nájera; liturgical robes and precious metal works such as a Mozarab chest with rubies from the 11th century and a monstrance by Juan de Arfe from the 16th; religious ornaments, codices, incunabula and hymn books. Of all of these, mention should be made of the "Beato de Osma" a Moorish miniature from 1086 in Romanesque style.

  • Namn: Diocesan museum
  • Samlingar: Religious art

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  • Från Tisdag till Fredag Söndag Från 10:30 till 13:00 Från 16:00 till 18:00
  • Lördag Från 10:30 till 13:30 Från 16:00 till 18:00
  • Stängt: Monday


  • Ordinarie: 4,50€
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