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50071  Zaragoza  (Aragon)
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    Världsarv, certifikat som beviljas av UNESCO.


An Arab palace in the heart of Zaragoza.

It was built as a place of recreation and also served as a defensive building.

It is an 11th-century Arab castle palaceRemains of its fortified area are still preserved. It is a palace of quadrangular plan with rounded towers except for one of them, known as the Troubadour's Tower, which has a rectangular plan. The rooms are arranged around the courtyard, which is open to the sky. Its roofs, coffered ceilings and plasterwork decoration are some of its greatest charms. It is currently the headquarters of the Aragonese Parliament.

  • Byggnad: Palace
  • Konsthistorisk period: Arab
  • Historisk period: 11th century

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