Torres del Río

Church of Santo Sepulcro


Calle Mayor s/n
31229  Torres del Río, Navarre  (Navarre)
Tfn::+34 948648126
Tfn::+34 626325691



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  The church is located at the entrance to the town. It has a slightly irregular octagonal floor plan, the apse, which is semicircular and functions as a sanctuary, and opposite stands the tower which gives access to the lantern. The elevation is formed by two sections linked by colossal columns. Highlights include its stilted vault with crossed ribbing on the interior which is reminiscent of the Muslim domes, and illuminated by a series of half point arches. The ribs on the vault are decorated with paintings, the names of the apostles and other representations, as well as the legend “me fecit” in reference to the builder of the church. The octagonal lantern stands atop the dome.

  • Byggnad: Church
  • Konsthistorisk period: Romanesque
  • Historisk period: 12th century

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