An important taula.

This is a village from the Talbot period, at the end of the Bronze Age.

A talaiot can be found right at the entrance to the ruins of Talatí de Dalt. The structure of the settlement is divided into the public area, where we find a sanctuary with the taula (megalith) in the middle, and the private area with houses and hypostyle rooms (storerooms). The unusual feature of its taula (megalith) is that it is in balance with a column that must have fallen on top of it accidentally, although even today both remain in equilibrium.

  • Byggnad: Taulas, talayots and navetas
  • Konsthistorisk period: Prehistory
  • Historisk period: Bronze Age

Praktisk information


  • Från apr 01 till okt 30
  • Från Måndag till Söndag 10:00
  • Stängt under perioden Från nov 01 till mar 31


  • Vuxna: 4€
  • Studenter: 3€
  • Barn: Fritt inträde


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