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Plaza de Parejas s/n
28300  Aranjuez, Madrid  (Madrid)
Tfn::+34 918910740
Fax::+34 918921532


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    Tillgänglighet. Miljöer och tjänster som finns tillgängliga i Spanien.


A royal residence.

Work on this palace, along with the adjoining monuments, was begun by Philip II and completed by Charles III of Spain, and as a result it displays a wide variety of styles.

The palace's most distinctive feature is the predominance of white and red on its façade. It was originally a recreational estate, and only assumed its monumental appearance during the reign of Philip II. However, the building we see today is the result of modifications made by Charles III, who added a large parade ground. The palace is in the style of Herrera. Special mention should be made of the façade, adorned by statues of the three kings who played a part in its construction. Particularly worth noting for their beauty and master craftsmanship are the Rococo staircase and balustrade by Bonavía; and the Porcelain Room, whose walls are lined with porcelain.


Konsthistorisk period:

Historisk period:
16th century

El Labrador House, La Isla Garden, El Príncipe Garden, Las Estatuas Garden, San Antonio Church, Trades and Gentlemen's Houses.

Praktisk information


Från okt 01 till mar 31
Från Tisdag till Söndag
Från 10:00 till 18:00

Från apr 01 till sep 30
Från Tisdag till Söndag
Från 10:00 till 20:00

Closed: Mondays, 1 and 5 May, 5 September, and 24, 25 and 31 December.


Ordinarie: 9€
Reducerat: 4€
Children aged 5 16, over 65s from EU member states and Latin American countries, and students with ID up to age 25.
Fritt inträde Children under 5, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for European Union and Latin
American citizens, and on 18 May.
Medlemmar av ICOM och föreningar: Fritt inträde
Personer med funktionshinder: Fritt inträde
Familj med många barn: Fritt inträde
Guided tours 15€


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