Las Comendadoras de Santiago Convent


Plaza de las Comendadoras 10
28015  Madrid  (Madrid)
Tfn::+34 915481842




The Convent was founded thanks to Felipe IV, in the year 1650. The works were designed by the architects Manuel and José del Olmo. The church plan deviates from Jesuit typology as it is a Greek cross plan with four equal arms finishing in the form of an apse, making a big cross over which there is an impressive cupola.The high altar is presided by a painting of Lucas Jordán, depicting Santiago fighting in the battle of Clavijo. The sacristy is the work of Moradillo, before the convent was built;this was performed according to a design by François Carlier.

  • Byggnad: Convent
  • Konsthistorisk period: Baroque
  • Historisk period: 17th century
  • Miljö: Barracks of Conde Duque, Church of Montserrat, Salesas Nuevas.

Praktisk information


  • Från jun 01 till sep 30
  • Måndag Från 16:00 till 19:00
  • Från okt 01 till maj 31
  • Från 15:30 till 18:30


  • Ordinarie: 5€


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