Camino del Monasterio s/n
17489  Port de la Selva, El, Girona  (Catalonia)
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This church and the monastery are examples of Catalan 10th-century transitional architecture. Vestiges of elements from the Carolingian, Mozarabic and Romanesque styles, with influence from Lombardy, still survive today. Construction began on the church in the 10th century in the Mozarabic style, and it was eventually consecrated in 1022. It has three naves, a transept and three apses. The central nave is crowned with a barrel vault, and the side naves with a quarter-sphere vault. The church is flanked by two towers, and bears the influence of the French Romanesque style. The sculpted decoration shows similarities with the churches of San Genis les Fonts and San Andreu de Sureda.

  • Byggnad: Church
  • Konsthistorisk period: Romanesque
  • Historisk period: 11th century, 10th century

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