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Coves de Sant Josep underground river
Paratge Coves de Sant Joseph s/n
12600  Vall d'Uixó, La, Castellón - Castelló  (Valencia)
Tfn::+34 964690576
Fax::+34 964696761


Autonom region:

Castellón - Castelló




A navigable underground river

An underground river flows through the Sant Josep Caves, which enables you to enjoy an amazing natural phenomenon.

The Sant Josep Caves are situated in the Sierra de Espadán Nature Reserve. They hold one of the few navigable underground rivers in Spain, which is 2,750 metres long, out of which 800 are suitable for tourist visits. It is a magnificent example of a hydrologically active cave, where remains of Palaeolithic sites and cave paintings have been found. The highlight is the tour round the crystal clear waters that goes by the Azul (Blue) Pond, Murciélagos (Bat) Room, "Boca del Forn", and Diana and El Diablo (Devil) lakes, amongst others. Some of its most characteristic formations are: the Medusa, la Cascada de la Flor and Portal de Belén. The visit lasts 40 minutes and is covered mainly by boat. It is suitable for everyone and an additional caving/tourism visit can be booked.

Caves and tourist mines

Praktisk information


Från okt 01 till maj 31
Från 10:15 till 13:15
Från 15:30 till 17:45

Från jun 01 till jul 31
Från 11:00 till 13:15
Från 15:30 till 18:30

Från aug 01 till aug 31
Från 11:00 till 13:15
Från 15:30 till 19:15

Från sep 01 till sep 30
Från 11:00 till 13:15
Från 15:30 till 18:30

Closed: 25 December, and 1 and 6 January.


Ordinarie: 10€
Barn: 5€
Pensionärer: 7€
Grupper: 7€


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