Gardens in the Hospital of Los Venerables


Plaza de los Venerables 8
41004  Seville  (Andalusia)
Tfn::+34 95 456 26 96
Fax::+34 95 456 45 95




The courtyard of the Hospital de los Venerables is one of the finest and most original examples of the numerous courtyards in the Baroque Sevillian style. It has a classical elevation comprising an arcaded gallery on the top floor with brick tympanums and rectangular openings. The modulation is exquisite and the measure and ornamentation meticulously calculated. The elements in the courtyard are repeated on the street façade and in the nave, which lends the building a distinct sensation of coherence and unity. The ground-floor galleries lead down to the courtyard itself via a simple flight of balustraded steps, a typology that is repeated time and again throughout the city, including certain courtyards in the Fortress.

Praktisk information


  • Från Måndag till Söndag Från 10:00 till 14:00 Från 16:00 till 20:00
  • dec 24 Från 10:00 till 14:00
  • dec 31 Från 10:00 till 14:00


  • Ordinarie: 5,50€
  • Reducerat: 2,75€
  • Barn: Fritt inträde


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