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Urrea de Gaén

Easter week in Urrea de Gaén

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Från 2015-mar-29 till 2015-apr-05

Urrea de Gaén


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Urrea de Gaén, in the province of Teruel, is one of the nine villages that make up the Route of the Tambor and the Bombo (drums).

During the Easter week celebrations, the sound of drums can be heard in every corner of these villages in the south of the Aragón Region. The most long-awaited moment of the celebration in Urrea de Gaén is the “rompida de la hora” (breaking of the hour), at midnight of Maundy Thursday/Good Friday. Hundreds of these drums come together and, at midnight, they begin to beat in unison, filling the night with an incredible sound. These instruments continue to play non-stop until Saturday afternoon. Before then, at 11am on Good Friday, the Bajada de las Imágenes procession takes place in the streets of the village. The most important procession, however, can be seen that same day at dusk – the Santo Entierro procession. It runs through the narrow village streets and a feeling of sadness for Christ’s death mixes with the sound of beating drums.

Easter week is one of the most heartfelt and deep-rooted fiestas celebrated in Spain. This commemoration has centuries of history and tradition, remembering the passion and death of Jesus Christ. The streets of the majority of Spain's cities, towns and villages become the stage for religious fervour and devotion, combining grief and meditation in memory of Christ's death. Music, art and colour come together in magical processions - solemn parades in which crowds of people accompany religious images on their route through the streets.

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Från 2015-mar-29 till 2015-apr-05
Urrea de Gaén (Teruel. Aragon)

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Från 2015-mar-29 till 2015-apr-05

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