"City of Zaragoza" International Folk Festival

Praktisk information


  • Verksamhet: Festival
  • Tema: Music, Spanish folk


The "City of Zaragoza" International Folk Festival has been held during the first days of September since 1986. The capital of the Region of Aragón hosts this music and dance event, with groups from all over the world, organised by the “Raíces de Aragón” Folk Group.

Residents and visitors to Zaragoza have the chance to get to know the cultures of the different peoples taking part in the event. Concerts take place in the Zaragoza Auditorium, while other activities and entertainment can be found in the streets and squares, including the famous Plaza del Pilar square. The closing ceremony takes place in the auditorium's Mozart Room.

Praktisk information

  • Datum: Från 2016-sep-02 till 2016-sep-06
  • Plats: Zaragoza (Aragon)


Öppettider och priser


  • Från 2016-sep-02 till 2016-sep-06

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