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  • Verksamhet: Business
  • Tema: Environment


Barcelona will be transformed into the epicentre of knowledge and solutions for smart cities during this international summit (Smartcity World Congress).

Smart cities are those which develop technological advances in order to increase the quality of life of their inhabitants. Faced with the challenges of the future, this congress thus addresses the need to undertake this enterprise for modern cities. Participants include professionals in the field, public administration managers and experts, who will debate the issues concerning the cities of tomorrow.

Praktisk information

  • Datum: Från 2015-nov-17 till 2015-nov-19
  • Plats: Avenida Reina Mª Cristina s/n
    08004. Barcelona (Catalonia)

Tfn: +34 902233200
Fax: +34 932332198

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  • Från 2015-nov-17 till 2015-nov-19

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