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Автономное сообщество:
Basque Country

Провинция / Остров:
Álava - Araba


Vitoria is one of the best cities for experiencing the custom of “going out for pintxos” (going from bar to bar sampling tasty morsels made with typical local products or with new and original combinations of ingredients). That’s because it has over 20 restaurants which have been recommended by prestigious gastronomic guides, and many of its establishments have received awards for the quality of their pintxos. You can see a wide variety of these delicious miniature specialities on display in numerous bars, and they are perfect when accompanied with a glass of Álava’s famous Rioja, or a young white txakolí wine. You will find the greatest number of these establishments clustered around the Medieval quarter and the town centre. And the best time to savour these delicious creations made with local ingredients is during Pintxo Week (in March or April), where you can have your fill of these tasty bite-size mouthfuls of courgette with black pudding, cod… which all vie with each other to be declared the best. What’s more, you can always buy a package which includes a dinner consisting of a selection of pintxos, accommodation in Vitoria and a guided tour of the Cathedral of Santa María.

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