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La Rioja

Rioja, La

Spain produces a wide variety of wines of the highest quality with unique and distinctive flavours which vary from region to region. La Rioja is one our most internationally renowned wine-producing areas.

La Rioja, in the north of Spain, is synonymous with wine. This is where our most internationally recognised wines are produced. These exquisite wines are the product of centuries of tradition; they enjoy great renown and will captivate all those who taste them. Because wine in La Rioja is not just a drink. It embraces a whole culture, deeply rooted in this land of vines and wine cellars.

The loving care taken in the production of the wine and the quality of the grapes has made Rioja wine a treasure demanded by the finest palates in the world. La Rioja produces an average of 250 million litres a year, of which 85 % corresponds to red wine, and the rest to white and rosé. Different types of wines, but all have as a common denominator their outstanding quality. A trip through the region will be enough to convince you how far the region's existence is bound up in the wine culture. To discover this world of aromas, colours, nuances and sensations is an experience not to be missed. And La Rioja is the ideal place to set off on this journey into the world of wine.

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