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If you are 15 - 25 years old and you are planning on coming to Madrid, we have a very interesting suggestion for you: visiting the National Prado Museum exclusively and free of charge in order to see some of its temporary exhibitions. The most famous museum in Spain has a programme called "Young Prado".

What does the service involve? The museum stays open until later than usual - from 8.30 to 10.30 pm - the last Friday of every month, for people in this age group to enjoy art in a different way. People with a BA in Art History will explain the contents of the exhibition and will answer any questions you may have. This guided tour is only in Spanish, so it will help you practise the language, too. Or you can also follow the same route but at your own pace.

This successful initiative has already been carried out with great exhibitions on the masters of art such as Rembrandt or Turner. A great idea that adds to other proposals in the Prado such as the workshops for children, conferences, courses and educational documentaries and routes based on the exhibitions.

Come and take part in this activity and boast of your knowledge of art afterwards. And remember, admission is free so don't miss it!

Things to remember: the "Young Prado" programme is not a permanent activity, it only takes place with some temporary exhibitions. Visit the Museum's official website beforehand.

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