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    Член сети «Испанские отели-парадоры».

  Why not experience Spain in a very special way? Come and stay in a Parador hotel. These are not conventional hotels, but rather a chance to stay in old castles, palaces and buildings with centuries of history. They are genuine monuments which are equipped with all the comforts of the 21st century, and make the ideal base for discovering all the cultural treasures on offer in Spain. A unique experience you’ll definitely want to repeat.

  Paradors are much more than just accommodation. They are an original and unusual way to experience the magic of Spain. Depending on the hotel you choose for your stay, you can opt for different activities. You can play golf overlooking the sea on the Costa del Sol, with guaranteed year-round sunshine. Or you can relax while enjoying a range of hydrotherapy treatments in the heart of the stunning Pyrenean mountains. You can explore the Cazorla Nature Reserve in Andalusia in a 4x4 vehicle, and discover the wildest spots in this Biosphere Reserve… or you can sample the delights of Spanish gastronomy, with flavours and aromas to satisfy the most demanding palates... or you can see the moon and stars up close from the summit of the Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, and walk on its lava slopes. These are just a few of the possibilities available to you when you stay at a Parador.

A visit to a Parador is a chance to experience unforgettable sensations. You’ll discover Spain’s heritage, landscapes, folklore and history, while staying in unique establishments, many of which are authentic architectural treasures which have now been fully refurbished and form part of our country’s architectural and artistic heritage. Some Paradors are set in historic buildings, while others are more modern. In all of them, however, you’ll find the utmost comfort with excellent personal service.

The Paradors are ideally located for cultural routes, children’s activities, art exhibitions, courses and conferences, theatre shows, adventure tourism... Unforgettable moments to experience alone or with your partner, with family or with friends. You can even organise your business meetings and events there. Meticulous attention is paid to every last detail to ensure that your stay is as pleasurable as possible.

The first Parador opened in 1928, and there are currently 93 Paradors all over Spain, offering a total of 10,000 hotel places. Over half are located in historic buildings, and nine of them are in cities which have been declared World Heritage sites by the UNESCO.

Come and discover Spain by staying in one of these unique hotels, the ideal places from which to enjoy Spain’s sun and sand, landscapes, gastronomy, cultural and historic heritage, leisure activities and sports. Visit our Paradors and surrender to their enchantments. This the perfect time.

More information: Paradores de Turismo de España www.parador.es

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