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Easy-going cities invite you to take a rest from the breakneck speed of your daily life. They want you to enjoy the peace and quiet of sitting in the village square, of lingering over the lunch table in an outdoor restaurant, and of discovering the intricate work of craftsmen in their workshops. You’ll be able to do all that in these cities of under 50,000 inhabitants, which have had to fulfil a series of requirements to enable them to be recognised as towns offering an outstanding quality of life.

There are currently six easy-going cities in Spain: Begur and Pals, in Catalonia; Bigastro, in the Region of Valencia; Lekeito and Mungia, in the Basque Country, and Rubielos de Mora, in Aragon. To give you an idea of what you’ll find here, these cities aim to become a destination for people who are interested in bygone times, cities with squares, theatres, shops, cafés, holy places, unspoilt landscapes… in short, places with charm which revere tradition, a taste for the home-made and home-grown, and the natural passage of time. The principles that these cities encapsulate include respect for the environment and the promotion of natural foods and handcrafted products. You can find more information on the official website

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