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Контактная информация

Polígono de los Planos s/n
44002  Teruel  (Aragon)
Тел.:+34 902448000
Факс:+34 978617718


Автономное сообщество:

Провинция / Остров:


Тип парка развлечений:
Theme park


Close to the centre of the city of Teruel you'll find Dinópolis, a theme park where children and adults alike can have fun discovering all the secrets of the exciting world of dinosaurs.

Dinópolis was conceived as a park with an educational slant, and its various attractions offer a panoramic view of the giants who once walked the earth: the dinosaurs. The heart of the park is without a doubt the Teruel Paleontological Museum, whose modern facilities are home to one of the world's best collections of dinosaurs. There are several fun attractions based around the museum. After a first contact with the world of dinosaurs in “Territorio Dinópolis”, you can take a fascinating journey back in time until the period of the dinosaurs, and discover in the 3D cinema what life was like for these animals, or even see the dreaded T-Rex in action. Not to mention the numerous play areas with activities for the younger visitors, and zones with restaurants and snack bars where you can recharge your batteries.

As well as the main park located in the capital city of Teruel, there are another four centres at different points around the province: Legendpark in Galve, Inhóspitak in Peñarroya de Tastavins, Región Ambarina in Rubielos de Mora and Bosque Pétreo, in Castellote.

Режим работы и цены

Режим работы

С 05 мар по 08 дек
С 10:00 по 20:00

For more information on specific dates, check the company website. Legendark, Inhóspitak, Región Ambarina, Bosque Pétreo and Mar Nummus will open to the public from 16 March to 13 October.


Общий тариф: 27€
Пенсионеры: 21,50€
Over 60s
Дети: 21,50€
Between 4 11 years.