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Deba (variante Sasiola - Astigarribia), Deba (variante del Calvario), Aparain (no es localidad, donde se juntan las dos variantes), Olatz, Markina-Xemein

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Данный этап является частью маршрута:
The Way of Saint James

Название участка маршрута:
Northern Route

21,80 км

Способ передвижения
  • Bicycle

  • Walking

Основные сложности
The path up to Mount Arno has constant differences in level. It should be remembered that the route starts from sea level and goes up to 500 metres at its highest point. This ascent —and the subsequent descent— is a little over five kilometres and involves an intense workout.

Изделия народных промыслов
The work of craftsmen is closely linked to the peoples and culture of Euskadi. It honours the ancestral customs and ways of life, and serves as a channel to welcome in new ideas. www.ereintza.com www.gabiltza.org

Продукты питания и кондитерские изделия
The sea has historically been more generous than the land in Euskadi, and fish is the star ingredient of the traditional cuisine. The local meat is lean and full of taste, with more emphasis on quantity than quality. Another typical element of the local fare is cheese and dairy products such as cuajada (a kind of curd cheese), as well as traditional cakes and pastries.