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Oliva, La, Fuerteventura  (Canary Islands)


Parque Natural de Corralejo


A dune landscape

This park is situated on the island of Fuerteventura, in the municipal district of Corralejo, and is a sand field of great geomorphological unity and of great scientific interest.

Corralejo Nature Reserve is an extensive dune field which extends from Puerto Remedio beach to La Salina. The only exception to this dune landscape are the Mountains of los Apartaderos and Roja. It constitutes a habitat with numerous protected endemic species.

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Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)

Oliva, La

  • Категория охраняемой природной территории Nature reserve
  • Площадь 2669 га


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Информация о культуре

In the past, Corralejo was a fishing village. Nowadays, its population is dedicated to the tourist sector. It has the most spectacular beaches of the Canary Islands in its favour.

Информация о природе

The vegetation is typical of this type of ecosystem and the fauna is represented by sea birds and limicolous species, reptiles and invertebrates, especially coleoptera.