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Ingredients for 4 people: four pieces of anglerfish, four pieces of grouper, sea-bass, etc. four pieces of thick whiting or hake four langoustines or prawns four Norway lobsters 24 mussels and a large onion three largish ripe tomatoes a bay leaf a glass of dry sherry a small glass of brandy or rum two decilitres of oil two garlic cloves several strands of saffron six toasted and peeled almonds two María biscuits one lemon large crusts of bread cut into triangles and fried parsley pepper


Fry the squid cut into rings in a frying pan and when they begin to turn golden, add the chopped onion, when the onion also turns golden add the peeled tomatoes, chopped and without the pips; allow to fry on a high heat and then pour over the sherry and brandy, that will have to be absorbed. Next, turn the fried mixture into a saucepan or casserole dish. Separately in the frying pan and using the rest of the oil, sautée the fish and shellfish, that have been previously seasoned with salt and a little pepper, on a high heat. Boil the mussels in a little water so they open and to remove the valve that contains the mollusc. As they fry place them in the saucepan with the fried mixture, without putting one on top of the other. Once the fish and shellfish have been placed, pour over a little stock or simply water and, if you have it, a little tomato sauce in the frying pan; it is boiled up and added to the saucepan. The sauce should be shallow, not covering the ingredients of the dish. Leave it to sauté for about another fifteen minutes. In a small mortar, grind the saffron, peeled garlic, several parsley leaves, almonds and biscuits; grind everything well until you achieve a fine paste that can be diluted with a little sauce from the pan and then divide up over the fish and shellfish straightaway. Put the dish into the oven on a medium heat, where it will finish cooking.


Before serving, remove the bay leaf, sprinkle with the lemon and chopped parsley, and use the fried bread crusts to decorate the edges.


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