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Автономное сообщество:
Canary Islands

Провинция / Остров:
La Palma

Palma, La


La Palma cheese, also called Palmero, is a pressed paste cheese, made from raw whole milk from the native Palmera goat breed.

It is cylindrical and has a smooth surface. Pieces weigh between 750 g and 15 kg and when they are over 8 kg are called "manada" (herd) cheese. The outer rind is thin and quite sticky, with shades of ochre and brown. The paste inside is semi-soft, with round holes caused by fermentation. It is whitish in colour, has a marked taste and a very buttery texture. Its aroma is pleasant and slightly smoky – perfect for eating as a tapa or added to other dishes such as stews or other specialities from the Canary Islands.


Информация о продукте

Вид продуктов:

All year round, although most of the traditional production takes place between autumn and spring.

La Palma cheese is produced all over the island of La Palma (Canary Islands), mainly in the municipalities of El Paso and Garafía, in the north.

Рекомендуемый напиток:
Young red wines from the Canary Islands

Где купить:
All over the Canary Islands and in highly specialised shops in the rest of Spain.

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Rich in calcium, lipids and proteins

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