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The secret of the excellence of this chicken's meat is rooted in its feeding system, based on maize and selected feet, and a special rearing method.

In the last few years the rearing of this type of poultry has been recovered in the region of Aragon. The birds covered by the Aragon Guarantee Mark must meet a series of requirements: the first is their food, made up of maize or feed; the second refers to the ban on using artificial fattening products. Finally, the housing system is quite far removed from the overcrowding on most farms where this animal is reared. The result is a chicken whose skin must show a characteristic yellow colour, with juicy, intensely flavoured meat that is soft on the palate. It appears in shops identified with a food quality stamp.


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It can be eaten all year round.

The animal is reared on farms in the three provinces of the autonomous community of Aragón.

Рекомендуемый напиток:
Young and crianza reds

Где купить:
Aragonese free-range chicken, with the Guarantee Mark, can be bought in most butcher's and specialised shops in the autonomous community of Aragón.

Chicken 'chilindrón' (stew)

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Rich in proteins.

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