Типичный продукт региона

  • Автономное сообщество: Aragon


Cured hams from heavy pigs made in a natural environment in the traditional style.

Animals born and reared in the province of Teruel, from the Landrace or Landrace and Duroc breeds may be included in this Designation of Origin. The hams must weigh between 8 and 9kg with blood and they are cured in dryers at an altitude of more than 800 metres for more than 12 months. Their meat has a delicate flavour with little salt. The fat is creamy, shiny, aromatic and with a pleasant flavour.


Информация о продукте

  • Вид продуктов: Meat
  • Сезон: All year round.
  • Происхождение: The area where it is made includes only municipalities in the province of Teruel.
  • Рекомендуемый напиток: Crianza and reserva red wines.
  • Где купить: Teruel cured ham is available in almost any speciality shop, supermarket, hypermarket, and butcher's on the Peninsula, but it is sold particularly in the Autonomous Community of Aragón.
  • Рецепты: Chicken 'chilindrón' (stew)

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