Типичный продукт региона

  • Автономное сообщество: La Rioja
Rioja, La


Originally from Mediterranean Europe, artichokes are long-stemmed vegetables with spiny leaves shaped like pineapples.

The edible part is formed by the heart of the flower. This vegetable has different characteristics depending on the variety involved: Brittany: thick, round and heavy; Laon: big and green; Provence: violet in colour. Of the Spanish ones, the Blanca de Tudela is outstanding. This variety is largely grown in La Rioja and its main characteristics are: medium sized with a rounded and slightly elliptical shape. It is a crunchy, juicy product, with a slightly bitter flavour. It is usually eaten fresh, although it is a vegetable very suitable for making preserves. In cooking it offers many possibilities for presentation, above all as a garnish and in salads.


Информация о продукте

  • Вид продуктов: Vegetables
  • Сезон: All year round.
  • Происхождение: The artichokes producing area in La Rioja covers all the area belonging to this community.
  • Где купить: Artichokes from La Rioja can mostly be bought in specialist shops and greengrocers in La Rioja and adjoining provinces.
  • Рецепты: Calahorra artichokes in their own sauce

Информация о питательной ценности

  • Energy: Low
  • Cholesterol: Low
  • Примечания: Rich in iron and potassium.

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