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On the coast of Pontevedra province you will find rugged landscapes and the beautiful beaches of the Rías Baixas (low estuaries). They are said to be the mark left by God’s hand when he cleaned himself after creating the world.

Towards the capital, Pontevedra, heading around the Morrazo peninsula and continuing along the coast, there are hidden spots such as the coves of San Simón, Aldán and Bueu, the “crucero” (stone cross) at Hio (the most beautiful anywhere in Galicia) and, at the mouth of the estuary, the Islands of Ons and Onza, whose interesting fauna includes cormorants. Combarro is a stone’s throw from Pontevedra. It has one of Galicia’s best-conserved examples of hórreos (traditional grain stores), as well as stone crosses. Close by, at Poio Monastery, lie the remains of Santa Trahamunda, supposed to cure deafness; and, further up, Armenteira Monastery, with legends that tell of a monk who spent 300 years under the spell of a bird’s song. If you continue around the coast you come to A Lanzada beach and O Grove, a town famous for the curative properties of its waters; and then Vilanova, joined to the Island of Arousa by a two-kilometre bridge.

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