Контактная информация

Puerto de la Ragua Consortium
Mayor, 1
04479  Bayárcal, Almería  (Andalusia)
Puerto de la Ragua Consortium
Тел.:+34 958760223
Факс:+34 958760106


  • Автономное сообщество: Andalusia
  • Провинция / Остров: Almería


Located in the less well known area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, between the provinces of Granada and Almería, Puerto de la Ragua is a mountain pass between two very different regions that have maintained their customs, traditions and lifestyle over the centuries. Just 15 km to the south you will find all the Moorish charm of the Alpujarra region. To the north, the stately majesty of the Marquesado del Zenete plateau.

From its location at 2,000 m above sea level, the Resort Area looks out over the surrounding area, the beaches of Almería, Cabo de Gata, the Baza, Cazorla, Segura y las Villas, Mágina and Húetor Mountains, the Guadix-Baza basin and even the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Far from the crowds of Alpine ski resorts, here you will find sports activities that are fully compatible with the local environment, such as cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, orienteering and archery – all harmoniously integrated in the Sierra Nevada National Park.

Длина трасс, км: 16,9
Максимальная отметка: 2.200
Минимальная отметка: 1.990


На горнолыжном курорте

Hostel. Café. Restaurant. Self-service restaurant. Sports equipment hire. Information point. Gift and souvenir shop. Public telephone.

Поблизости от горнолыжного курорта

Accommodation and catering. Repair garage. Chemists. Healthcare centre. Guardia Civil Station. Taxis. Petrol stations. Active tourism. Banks and building societies. Museums. Shops and market stalls. Tourist information offices.


Примечания: For more information, check the official website: www.puertodelaragua.com


Информация о трассах

Количество синих трасс: 1 - Km. of piste 4
Количество черных трасс: Km. of piste 0.4
Количество красных трасс: 1 - Km. of piste 1.5
Количество зеленых трасс: 1 - Km. of piste 11
Общая протяженность трасс: 16,9
Общее количество трасс: 3

Санные трассы: 1

Где остановиться

Количество гостиниц на горнолыжном курорте: 1
Количество гостиничных мест на горнолыжном курорте: 32

Количество гостиниц поблизости от горнолыжного курорта: 50
Количество гостиничных мест поблизости от горнолыжного курорта: 900


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