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Candanchú ski resort (cross country)
Carretera Francia s/n
22889  Candanchú, Aisa, Huesca  (Aragon)
Candanchú ski resort (cross country)
Тел.:+34 974373263
Тел.:+34 974373194
Факс:+34 974373346


  • Автономное сообщество: Aragon
  • Провинция / Остров: Huesca


The splendid Candanchú circuit is perfect for cross-country skiers. Its 15 km of marked and signposted ski runs on three circuits with increasing levels of difficulty lead through the spectacular settings of the Rinconada and Ciudad de Piedra areas; the resort is protected from adverse weather conditions, and can be used even in the worst weather. The cross-country skiing circuit in Candanchú is suitable both for learning this sport -particularly for those taking their first steps- in the area near the Biathlón stadium, and for practice and training on the 8 FIS-approved competition circuits.

Максимальная отметка: 1.688
Минимальная отметка: 1.590


На горнолыжном курорте

On the slopes: café, restaurant and self-service in the Pista Grande area. Vending room (drinks machines and WCs) in the Pista Grande area. Café and fast food with Cima del Tobazo terrace. Café and fast food with terrace in the Tuca area. WC. PA system. At the foot of the slopes: three 3-star hotels. Two apartment rental agencies. Hostels and mountain huts. Cafés. Bars. Restaurants. Pizzeria. Burger bar. Hot chocolate shop. Disco. Doctor’s surgery. Ambulance. Free internal bus service. Rental of ski equipment, snowboards sledges and snowshoes. Shopping gallery with gift shops, food shops, newsagents… Sports equipment sale and repair shops. Information offices, customer services, photo shop. Ticket offices. Cash point. Sauna-massage. Ski club. Church. Ski School.

Поблизости от горнолыжного курорта

Bus and railway station. Taxis. Repair garages. Banks. Cash points. Post office. Tourist offices. Exhibition rooms. Conference centre. Hospital. Sports clubs. Adventure sports agencies. Ice rink. Heated outdoor swimming pool. Gyms. Tennis courts. Squash. Sauna and massage. Sports courts. Cinema. Horse riding, mountain biking routes. Petrol stations. Supermarkets. Library. Crèche. Guardia Civil. Red Cross. Travel agencies. Courier services. Veterinary services. Plumbing, carpentry, painting services, etc.

Лыжные школы

Количество лыжных школ: 1
Количество тренеров: 10


Примечания: For more information, check the official website: www.candanchu.com


Информация о трассах

Количество синих трасс: 1 - km of piste 5
Количество красных трасс: 1 - km of piste 7.5
Количество зеленых трасс: 1 - km of piste 2.5
Общая протяженность трасс: 15
Общее количество трасс: 3

Санные трассы: 1
Трассы для снегоступов: 1
Прочие виды трасс: 8 FIS-approved Competition Circuits
Прочие виды трасс: Biathlon Stadium

Где остановиться

Количество гостиниц на горнолыжном курорте: 10
Количество гостиничных мест на горнолыжном курорте: 1174

Количество гостиниц поблизости от горнолыжного курорта: 50
Количество гостиничных мест поблизости от горнолыжного курорта: 10579