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Alicante - Alacant


The metallic structure of the Viaduct of Canalejas, one of the emblems of Alcoy, was quite innovative at the time it was built: the beginning of the 20th century. The Riquer and Molinar rivers meet in the capital of the region to form the Serpis river. This fact, along with the numerous bridges and industries located by the rivers, and the homogeneous historic quarter, has determined the tourist character of Alcoy. The expansion of the medieval centre forced the creation of bridges, so the new suburbs could grow; this is the reason why nowadays the city is known as "city of bridges". The square of Plaza de España is the nerve centre of the city. In the medieval quarter we can visit the old City Hall, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Festivities of Moors and Christians. Going on the opposite direction, up San Nicolás street, we will discover the Modernist part of town. The festivities of Moors and Christians, which honour the patron saint San Jorge, are celebrated in Alcoy during the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of April; this "fiesta" is rooted in tradition, and commemorates the historical events of 1276. Music, pomp, and a burst of imagination take us back to the 13th century, to remember the Battle of Alcoy.  

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