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Salamanca is easily manageable on foot –most of the monuments and places of interest are close together. Strolling peacefully through the streets is the ideal way to discover its most attractive locations.

Как передвигаться

There is a network of city buses with services throughout the city and the outskirts. Buses usually run from 7:15 am-11:45 pm, although the frequency varies according to the route and the day of the week. To get around at night you can use the 'N' night bus service which runs every day of the week from 11:30 pm to about 3:00 am, and from 11:30 pm to about 4:00 am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the eve of public holidays.

Taxis are another option, offering local, provincial and inter-provincial services. They run 24 hours a day, and can be hailed in the street when the green light is on. Otherwise there are taxi ranks or you can order them by telephone using the radio taxi service. Tariffs are on display inside the taxis and include charges for flag-down, kilometres travelled and other special extras such as night service, public holidays, and train or airport services.

Самый удобный вариант

Which is the best option?
Salamanca is small enough to get around on foot. Nevertheless, depending on the number of journeys you expect to make on public transport, you may want to buy a bus pass. How much does transport cost?
A one-way bus ticket costs €1,05 and is purchased directly from the driver, so it is advisable to carry the exact amount or at least some coins to make it easier to change. There is also a bus pass offering a saving of €0.59 off the normal fare: cards can be topped up with €5-€10, and your credit decreases as you make journeys. They are available from the offices of the service management company (Salamanca de Transportes) and can be topped up directly on the bus.  

Другие варианты

There is a Tourist Train which goes around Salamanca in the summer. It departs from Plaza de Anaya square. For more information:
Salamanca Tourist Board: www.salamanca.es