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Paseo Filipinos 7
47007  Valladolid  (Castile-Leon)
Тел.:+34 983306900
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Факс:+34 983397896




The Augustine order's Far East collection

The pieces in the museum were collected by the Augustine friars, and come from countries such as China and the Philippines.

The centre opened in 1980 and is located in the Royal College of the Philippine Augustine Friars, dating from the 18th century. It has 13 rooms and is home to one of the best collections of Oriental art in Spain, featuring objects dating from the second century BC through to the 19th century. It contains porcelain items, bronzes, sculptures and paintings from China, as well as weapons, ornaments, ivory goods and other artistic pieces from the Philippines.

  • Название: Private museum
  • Художественный период: Oriental art
  • Профиль: Themed

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