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A journey into scientific history

Here you can find an interesting collection that will help you understand technological evolution in Spain.

The National Science and Technology Museum is located in the old Madrid-Delicias railway station, and offers a selection of pieces dating from the 16th century through to the present day. They represent scientific and technological evolution and development from the Renaissance onwards. The oldest collections are those related with astronomy, mathematics, physics and geophysics. Special mention should be made of exhibits such as the Cross-staff by Walterius Arsenius, 1563, the 17th-century Astrolabe by Gemma Cornelli, an 18th-century Ramsden Telescope, extensive surgical material and a magnificent collection of sundials, along with another of 19th-century laboratory equipment. Also outstanding are the museum's industrial exhibitions, comprising machinery of all kinds, from a rotary newspaper press (1916) to vehicles, a large collection of gramophones, telephones, typewriters, radio equipment, televisions...

National museum

Science and technology

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