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Ribera, 22 bis
48005  Bilbao, Vizcaya - Bizkaia  (Basque Country)
Тел.:+34 946023791
Факс:+34 944037808




It was built in 1929 and covers 10,000 square metres, making it the largest indoor market in Europe.

This unique produce market is in the heart of the Old Town, alongside Bilbao Estuary. It has an eclectic, monumental style, although its character is markedly functional. Inside there are no columns. It is a completely open space and its illumination takes on special importance. The sunlight enters from above and filters through the floors, which are built in a translucent material, providing natural light throughout the building. Outside, the Mercado de la Ribera (riverbank market) has a variety of art deco ornamentation, combining windows, lattice windows, floral decorations and other decorative elements. It is outstanding not only for its beautiful windows, but also for the excellent variety of fish and seafood on sale.

  • Год постройки: Public building
  • Художественный период: Art-deco
  • Исторический период: 20th Century

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  • С Понедельник по Пятница С 08:00 по 14:00 С 17:00 по 19:00
  • Суббота С 08:00 по 14:30


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