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Plaza De San Diego s/n
28801  Alcalá de Henares, Madrid  (Madrid)
Тел.:+34 918856487


  • Автономное сообщество: Madrid
  • Провинция / Остров: Madrid

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The birthplace of Cervantes.

It was created by Cardinal Cisneros and given the name of College of San Ildefonso. The doorway is a fine example of the rich ornamentation of the purest Spanish Renaissance style. This, along with Salamanca, was the birthplace of Humanism.

Its construction began in the 15th century and was completed by Pedro Gumiel in the 16th. Only the assembly hall remains from the original building, with coffering and a Plateresque tribune. The façade is the most important part of the building. It was built by Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón in the Plateresque style, and originally designed as an altarpiece divided by pilasters and columns. It has various courtyards in different styles, one of which is unfinished. The assembly room is one of the finest examples of the Cisneros style, combining Mudéjar features in plaster and wood with Plateresque decoration.

  • Год постройки: University
  • Художественный период: Plateresque
  • Исторический период: 15th century
  • Расположение: Chapel of San Ildefonso with the tomb of Cardinal Cisneros. Magistral church. Convent of Las Bernardas. Archbishop's palace. Cervantes' house.

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