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Zona entre el Arco del Triunfo y la Mezquita
14003  Córdoba, Cordoba  (Andalusia)


  • Автономное сообщество: Andalusia
  • Провинция / Остров: Cordoba


Cordoba's patron saint

The city has many monuments dedicated to San Rafael, but the most important lies next to the Mosque and the Triumphal Arch.

It was crafted by the sculptor Miguel Verdiguier, as thanks to the patron saint for having saved the city from a great earthquake. The statue stands on a cushioned pedestal surrounded by columns that emerge from a mountain castle with a series of saintly images. The whole monument is adorned with animals and the fruits of the land of Cordoba.

  • Год постройки: Sculpture groups
  • Художественный период: Rococo
  • Исторический период: 18th century
  • Расположение: Mosque and Triumphal Arch.