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Carretera General del Norte
35544  Guatiza, Teguise, Lanzarote  (Canary Islands)
Тел.:+34 928529397
Факс:+34 928529681



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The Cactus Garden is located at a former quarry for extraction of volcanic ash and rock once used by prickly pear growers to conserve the ground’s nighttime moisture. The artist César Manrique saw in this location the chance to convert a disused area into an unusual, terraced site where more than 1,400 clearly classified species of cactus are now grown. The site has Manrique’s unmistakable seal, and is topped by a windmill, once used for grinding corn, now a teaching element.

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  • С Понедельник по Воскресенье С 10:00 по 17:45


  • Общий тариф: 5,50€
  • Льготный тариф: 2,75€


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