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  • Когда?: С 27.08.2016 по 28.08.2016
  • Где?: Ansó


  • Автономное сообщество: Aragon
  • Провинция / Остров: Huesca
  • Категория: Festivity of National Tourist Interest
  • Тема: Popular


The town of Ansó, in the province of Huesca, has been celebrating this festival in honour of its typical costume since 1971.

Every year on the last Sunday in August the people of Ansó dress up in the town's typical costume, which probably dates back to the Middle Ages. Throughout the day many people act out different traditions from Ansó, and there is a parade in which the typical costume and its different varieties can be seen. Children's entertainment is also organised, as well as plays, musicals and jota dances (traditional music and dance from the region of Aragon), and food tasting with typical products. In addition, the town has a museum for the typical Ansó costume.

Полезная информация

  • Дата: С 27.08.2016 по 28.08.2016
  • Место: Ansó (Huesca. Aragon)

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  • С 27.08.2016 по 28.08.2016

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