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  • Категория: Festivity of National Tourist Interest


Bulls, young bulls, firework castles, dances and open-air celebrations make up the programme for the San Vicente Ferrer fiestas, held every year in La Vall d’Uixó, in Castellón province.

At the same time a major agricultural fair takes place, attracting people from all over the province, and there is an archery and a horse-pulling competition. This traditional competition is designed to test the horses’ strength, with a series of trials where horses must drag their own equivalent bodyweight against the clock. Another important act during the fiesta is the saint’s procession. The typical festive dish of the town is “empedrao”, a stew with meat, rice and beans.

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  • Дата: С 27.03.2016 по 10.04.2016
  • Место: Plaza San Vicente nº1
    12600. Vall d'Uixó, La (Castellón - Castelló. Valencia)

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